These are the new scripts on the walls of Babylon: فليكن سقوط شارون سقوطاً للصهيونية What was created from lies, and nurtured by lies, must face the destiny of lies, too; Or did their God choose brain-dead mokeys unable to see beyond their sick ego's and their ugly noses ! [sic , Sharon !]

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Iraqi Quagmire for The American Empire


Chile's UN Phones Tapped During Runup To Iraq War

Nasdaq Headlines: "Chile's UN Phones Tapped During Runup To Iraq War - BBC

NEW YORK -(Dow Jones)- The former Chilean envoy to the U.N. said his nation's mission was spied on in the run-up to war in Iraq, the BBC reported on its Web site Tuesday, citing an interview with Spanish newspaper El Pais.
Technicians inspecting the telephones found they had been tampered with, Juan Gabriel Valdes said in an interview with the paper, BBC reported.
At the time, Chile was one of several countries seen as undecided on whether to back a proposed resolution sanctioning the use of force in Iraq.
U.K. media reports at the time alleged the U.S. was monitoring communications from envoys from those countries. Those reports kindled his suspicions, Valdes, now ambassador to Argentina, said in the interview, BBC reported.
'We called technicians to see if the Chilean mission's phones at the U.N. had been tampered with,' he said. 'The result was positive. We discovered the great majority of phones had been tampered with.'
In the first few months of 2003, the U.S., U.K. and Spain were trying to ensure that at least nine of the 15 members of the U.N. Security Council would back a new U.N. resolution explicitly sanctioning armed intervention in Iraq, the BBC said.
France, China and Russia had already signaled their opposition, and supported continued weapons inspections in Iraq. Six countries - Chile, Angola, Cameroon, Guinea, Mexico and Pakistan - were thought to be undecided.
Press reports in the U.K. suggested the U.S. National Security Agency was spying on the envoys of those countries, and had requested U.K. help, the BBC said.
According to El Pais, the aim of the alleged surveillance was 'to facilitate an advantage towards obtaining of a result favo"

That much warmongering was clear then to all those who wanted to see it, but from now on it will become clear to everyone else, because George W. Bush and his neocons and his Zionists, were, and still are criminals that should face justice


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