These are the new scripts on the walls of Babylon: فليكن سقوط شارون سقوطاً للصهيونية What was created from lies, and nurtured by lies, must face the destiny of lies, too; Or did their God choose brain-dead mokeys unable to see beyond their sick ego's and their ugly noses ! [sic , Sharon !]

Al-Arab Blog - مدونة العرب

Iraqi Quagmire for The American Empire


Friend of The Israeli Ambasador : Wifes Murderer

In vandalizing a Stockholm art exhibit, Israel's ambassador to Sweden showed the true face of his government

Zvi Mazel : Israel Ambassador to Sweden, should go under the spot lights again as his friend,
Israel Friend and Staunch supporter of Israel : Pastor held in wife's murder

Pastor held in wife's murder

A Pentecostal pastor from Norway was in custody in Sweden Thursday, charged along with his female neighbour for the murder of his wife and attempted murder of his neighbor's husband. Swedish police claim the two have had a romantic relationship and needed to get rid of their spouses.

Police also suspect the pastor doped his own children so they wouldn't wake up when his 23-year-old wife was shot on the night of January 10.

Her body was found in bed while the pastor himself was escorting his neighbour, wounded in another shooting, to the hospital. The pastor claimed he'd been awakened when the neighbour was allegedly shot by a masked man.

The shootings shocked the small town of Knutby, about an hour's drive from Stockholm, where residents initially feared a killer was on the loose.

Police, however, quickly arrested another woman, who once had been part of the Pentecostal movement and worked in the pastor's home. She left both the church and the small town in November, after allegedly beating up the pastor's young wife in a fit of jealousy.

The 26-year-old woman was apprehended at her new home in Smaaland and the next day she claimed she not only had shot the pastor's neighbour but also killed his wife.

Police initially thought the case was wrapped up, but continued their investigation to see whether the confession was backed up by technical evidence and other information. Their efforts soon yielded news of a romantic relationship between the wounded neighbor's wife and the pastor.

The 26-year-old woman later told a Swedish newspaper that she shot "the persons I should shoot." Police continued to investigate whether others were involved.

Theories soon flourished that the woman had been brainwashed, and police continued to question her.

Police are also re-examining the circumstances surrounding the death four years ago of the pastor's first wife. She allegedly died after falling in the family's bathtub and the death was initially ruled an accident.

The couple's three children have been placed in protective custody.

Friend of the israeli ambassador

Norra V?sterbotten

A supporter of Israel, typical murdere, leader of a Gorean like sect, a hawkish churh pastor , warmonger, friend of the famous israeli ambassador to sweden, was caught by the police, for murder, of 2 wifes !

Aljazeera , As if the others were free !

Aljazeera , As if the others were free !

Aljazeera.Net : English - Home Page

Some people think that Arabs are stupid. Im my opinion the most stupid people are the ones who say that, not only stupid in the long run, but in the short term as well.,932169,00.html

With that in mind, I can only smile with sarcasm at those who think that by slandering Aljazeera they will drive viewers away from it.

Noting that Al-Arabia is now competing with Al-Jazeera.
This is an example, here: which shows a very advanced form of healthy media competetion

Further noting that Al-Manar is now on a development path that leads to the level of professionalism and open media similar to that which was originally taken by Al-Jazeera

Further noting that in the last few month the top level executive management of Al-Jazeera have been replaced and replaced again, twice, in an attempt to deflect US pressure, and attacks

Further noting that swarms of westren oppurtunist "journalists" demand suppression and attack of Al-Jazeera

Further noting that Al-Jazeera is facing more than opinion attacks, for it is being bombarded with all sorts of electronic wardfare attacks, to the extent where ad specialized advanced protection companies are employed to protect its web services.

Simply, Al-Jazeera is under attack. It is being embroiled in attacks of phenomenic proportions, by the west, in what has come to be called THE MEDIA WAR:,924568,00.html

Actually the examples are virtually endless !

Therefore, taking in consideration all of the above, and in view of the professionality of Al-Jazeera team, their hard work ,the risk they take, and the pioneering they have accomplished; my opinion is simple, actually very simple for those who wish to understand, of course :

I think that any human being with a grain of live conscience in him/her should sympathize with Al-Jazeera in its stand against the established MEDIA EMPIRES of the USA.

Especially noting that 198 of the top 200 USA Media is ZIONIST Jewish controlled.

Especially noting that ALL other arab media , are government controlled.

F-Secure Corporation Data Security Summary for 2003

F-Secure Corporation Data Security Summary for 2003

The year 2003 has clearly been the worst in virus history. At the same time, the entire computer virus phenomenon saw its 20th birthday this year. New trends in 2003 were primarily the way spammers began to use viruses as a tool and how several critical infrastructure systems suffered from the consequences of virus outbreaks. The network worm problems encountered during the year have shown how important it is to equip every single computer with a personal firewall. The number of known viruses is at the moment some 90,000.
Virus problems seem to arrive in waves. Year 2001 was a very busy virus year, while 2002 was clearly quieter. Unfortunately, 2003 exceeded previous years in terms of both the number of virus outbreaks as well as their extensiveness and severity.

F-Secure Corporation classifies viruses on a scale called Radar according to their severity. The number of alerts of level one, or the most severe types, was seven in 2003. In 2002 the number was only two. The number of level two alerts was 25 in 2002 and 28 in 2003. Some of the virus cases seen during the year were caused by old viruses, some of which have been out in the wild for a couple of years now.

When we look at the year as a whole, five cases were in a league of their own: Slammer, Bugbear.B, Blaster, Sobig.F and Swen.


Will EU and China be Friends? - PRAVDA.Ru

Will EU and China be Friends? - PRAVDA.Ru

Will EU and China be Friends?
01/29/2004 14:25
The embargo on weapons supplies to China was introduced in 1989; within the 15 years since that time European companies had no opportunity to supply weapons to China
On Monday, January 26 EU foreign ministers commissioned experts to consider lifting an embargo on weapons supplies to China. The decision was dated for the visit of China leader Ju Jintao to France. The Chinese delegation is expected to touch upon lifting of the embargo during negotiations with the French authorities. It should be mentioned that France is a champion of lifting the embargo on weapons supplies to China.

France's opinion is supported by Germany: Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder spoke of the necessity to lift the embargo at beginning of December 2003. However, EU members are not yet unanimous as concerning the issue. Sweden, Denmark and Holland think that lifting of the embargo is rather risky if China's policy toward Taiwan is taken into consideration. Europeans also demand that Beijing must provide guarantees that it will not use weapons for domestic repressions. In any case, a positive verdict on the embargo issue requires consent of all EU members. What is more, the European Union will have to consider Washington's opinion that strongly objects to lifting of the embargo. In any case, the issue is expected to give rise to heated discussions at the end of March when EU leaders' summit is to take place.

The embargo on weapons supplies to China was introduced in 1989; within the 15 years since that time European companies had no opportunity tosupply weapons to China. They had no legal opportunity for this at least.

According to the official data, China's military budget made up about $20 billion in 2002. At the same time, unofficial sources insist it was four times bigger. This titbit is certainly particularly attractive for western weapons producers. There are no obstacles, except for political ones, to recommencement of weapons supplies to China.

Russia is still the basic supplier of weapons to China; it was thanks to the Russian supplies that Beijing partially modernized the Air Force and the Naval Forces. However, China's need for modern weapons is still very high. For instance, 95 per cent of Chinese warplanes disagree with the present-day requirements. The same situation is typical of China's Naval Forces. So, European weapons producers may enjoy fantastic prospects in China. This is the reason why France, one of the world's largest weapons producers actively lobbies lifting of the embargo.

Meanwhile, if the European Union lifts the embargo this may cause serious damage to the interests of Russian companies. 60 per cent of Russia's weapons export falls on China (the volume of last year's weapons export made up $5 billion approximately).

For Russian companies to be equal rivals with European ones, experts say that restrictions imposed by the RF Ministry of Defense on supplies of the most modern weapons to China must be abolished. It is said that these supplies will not be dangerous for Russia's security. In a word, Beijing has a wide range of prospective weapons suppliers to choose from.

Vasily Bubnov

Read the original in Russian: (Translated by: Maria Gousseva)

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Will EU and China be Friends?
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The Washington-Moscow connection
Nuclear war is just around the corner
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What a day !

What a day !

Al-Aqsa Brigades claims Jerusalem bombing
Thursday 29 January 2004, 17:26 Makka Time, 14:26 GMT

Ten people including the bomber were killed in the blast

Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, an armed offshoot of Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat's Fatah movement, has claimed responsibility for Thursday's bus bombing in a phone call to AFP.

The attack was carried out by Ali Munir Yusuf Jihara, a 24-year-old policeman from the Ayda refugee camp in the Bethlehem region, the group said.

He was the nephew of Jihad Jihara, one of 13 Palestinians expelled to European countries after a siege at Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity in May 2002.

Ten people were killed as well as the bomber when an explosion ripped through a bus travelling

close to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's official residence in central Jerusalem

, during the morning rush hour on Thursday.

Blast justified

Earlier, Palestinian resistance groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad said the blast was justified, without claiming responsibility.

Palestinian prime minister Ahmed Quraya for his part condemned the attack as part of a cycle of violence, calling for a ceasefire in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and implementation of the moribund road map peace plan.

Officials linked it to the killing of eight Palestinians, including four fighters of Islamic Jihad, which promptly vowed revenge, during an Israeli raid on Wednesday into the Gaza City suburb of Al-Zeitun.

At least eight Palestinians were
killed in Gaza raid on Wednesday

"This attack is a legitimate response of our people to Israeli massacres, including the latest yesterday at Al-Zeitun", Hamas official Said Siam told AFP.

"The author of this attack, whoever it is, defends the rights of our people," Siam added.

"The enemy must know that the resistance will not stand by in the face of aggression and occupation and our people will retaliate."

Israel responsible

Islamic Jihad leader Muhammed Al-Hindi said, "Israel bears responsibility for everything that is happening. Yesterday a massacre took place in Al-Zeitun and no one condemned it, but today we will hear condemnations from all sides internationally and calls to strike at the resistance".

Palestinian premier, Ahmad
Quraya's (R) office criticised blast

"It is Israel which always begins the cycle of violence and our people have the right to defend themselves."

A statement from Quraya's office said, "The prime minister condemns the cycle of killings, liquidations and attacks aimed at civilians on both sides."

"What happened yesterday in Gaza and today in Jerusalem confirms the need for an intensification of international efforts to advance the peace process, Palestinian negotiations minister Saib Uraiqat told AFP.

Palestinian interior minister Hakam Balaawi also condemned the Jerusalem blast, while accusing the Israeli government of "relaunching the cycle of violence" with its incursion on Wednesday.

Humiliation of Palestinians

In a statement Balaawi warned Israel against "any act of vengeance against our people and their legitimate leadership," saying that it would bring more violence.

Palestinians say separation barrier
does not bring security

Earlier Palestinian ambassador to the Arab League Muhammad Subaih, speaking on Egyptian television, said the explosion was "a message proving that only the recognition of the rights of others can guarantee peace and security."

"The separation walls, and massacres like the one in Gaza, do not bring security," Subeih said, stressing that the bombing took place near the residence of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

"Walls and massacres, as well as the humiliation and destruction of the property of Palestinians can only bring more violence and operations like that which took place this morning," he added.

Subaih denounced what he said were Israeli efforts to "throw the blame for the attack on the Palestinian Authority before even having identified the culprits."

Hizb Allah, Israel complete prisoner swap

A plane carrying around 30 Arab detainees released from Israeli prisons has landed in Beirut completing a historic prisoner swap deal between Hizb Allah and Israel

Resistance to occupation in Iraq is also raging

How Roadside Bombs Have Become the Iraqi Guerrillas' Most Dangerous Weapon

Targeting The Big Corps : NEW Virus : Mydoom.B DDOS Attack Thread every 1024 milliseconds

F-Secure Computer Virus Information Pages: Mydoom.B


The worm will perform a DDoS attack against on 3rd of February 2004 at 13:09:18 (UTC) and on 1st of February 2004 at 16:09:18 (UTC).

The DDoS attack launches 8 threads against every 1024 milliseconds.

The other DDoS attack launches 14 threads against every 1024 milliseconds.

The hosts file in the infected machines will be modified so that domains belonging to Anti-Virus companies and other commercial sites are resolved to the IP address, rendering them unaccessible.

The full contents of this file follow (The file is encrypted within the worms code):

An additional line is added before the the date when attack against Microsoft begins:

Which will make the site unaccessible. The 3rd of February the entry will be removed so the attack can be performed, which will probably cause some difficulties reaching it, if the DDoS is successful.

The modifications in the hosts file are probably targeted so that customers of the most widespread Anti-Virus products can't download new updates to disinfect the worm.

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