These are the new scripts on the walls of Babylon: فليكن سقوط شارون سقوطاً للصهيونية What was created from lies, and nurtured by lies, must face the destiny of lies, too; Or did their God choose brain-dead mokeys unable to see beyond their sick ego's and their ugly noses ! [sic , Sharon !]

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Iraqi Quagmire for The American Empire


Wishfull Thinking can be very stupid !

The United States made public a letter to al-Qaida leaders thought to be sent by a Jordanian militant in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, saying that insurgents are in a "race against time" to stop the power transfer, when Iraqi security forces will take a more prominent role.

The author of the letter — which the military said Monday it had found on a captured al-Qaida courier — lays out plans for a campaign of attacks on Iraqi "collaborators," Kurds and on Shiite Muslims, aimed at sparking a civil war between Shiites and Sunnis. The coalition announced a $10 million bounty for al-Zarqawi.

U.S. military commanders in Baghdad said this week's rare consecutive suicide bombings may be connected to al-Zarqawi and the document he allegedly sent to al-Qaida.

In Wednesday's attack in Baghdad, an Oldsmobile packed with 300 to 500 pounds of explosives drove up to a crowd of Iraqis waiting outside an army recruitment center — only a few blocks from the heavily fortified Green Zone, headquarters of the U.S. administration. The driver detonated the explosives, killing 47 people and wounding 55, the U.S.-led coalition said.

A day earlier, a truck carrying a similar amount of explosives blew up outside a police station in the mostly Shiite town, Iskandariyah, south of the capital, killing 53 Iraqis, including would-be recruits lined up to apply for jobs.


"Iskandariyah, where Tuesday's blast took place, 'is right on the line between Sunni and Shiite, so the attack there might be trying to foment some kind of civil war,' said Maj. Gen. Charles H. Swannack Jr., commander of the 82nd Airborne Division."

Two Bombings in 24 Hours Kill Over 100 wannabe collaborators with the US occupation forces

What does this man know about Iraq more than what he was told from his chickenhawk warmongering superiors, the documents supplied to the by Chalabi and his cohort neocons, and the map in his hands ?

Or was he taught Iraqi Sociology in a Calvanian Protestant School by a Neo Max Weber professing jew?


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