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Dick Eastman

I have read many fine articles by Dick Eastman in the newsgroups, here is one of them :

oldman wrote:

> --- theoldman wrote:
> > Will all the dead peoples matter twenty or say
> > thirty years from now?
> >
> > I think not.
> >

> > What loss to the world of an Arab or Baltic
> > cultural past of silly
> > ethnicity by living within artificial borders? ...

> > Will it matter to those who knew them? Very little!
> > A private grief
> > known only to themselves and not cared or wanting to
> > be shared by
> > anyone else.

until now I respected the oldman

wants to erase boarders -- i.e., do away with self-governing nations -- relinquishing control to what -- Adam Smith's Invisible Glove on the iron fist of hereditary aristrocracy rule-by-the-worse screw-humanity oligarchy?

What will all those Arab lives taken today by Zionist mass-murderers (who did 9-11) matter 20 years from now?

What will it matter in so many billion years when the sun going red engulfs the earths orbit or when the solar system finally makes it to the black hole drain that the Milky Way is going down?

The matter is that we are hear and now -- human lives matter because we are humans and we value our lives and we are community so we value everyone's lives -- no matter how much ZIonist hollywood and Zionist educational intellectual-emotional-and-societal dumb-down may seek to darken our minds and souls -- it matters because the means used to effect change
continue as fatal flaws within the change effected -- it matters because evil is in every heart and must be overcome by love and intelligence and all-conquering gentleness -- that it impossible to render the universal human condition better by "killing all the bad people" "all the nationalists" etc. -- because nations not dominated by investment bankers, i.e., true republics by and for the people are the only means of having real community, real freedom, real equality of opportunity, real rule by the servants of all rather than merchant banking houses and the slavish no-alternative "yess-men" who do their bidding against their brother man.

What did Wolrd War One matter which killed off the most promising generation of educated middle-class in history, while the deviant elites strutted around in cool uniforms, speeches were made and financiers agents like Bernard Baruch ensured the masters of the corporations and high-finance war-profiteering made out like the super bandits they are? It mattered -- what could the mind and spirit of man have done had it not been squandered on the wars and depressions engineered for the selfish personal gain of these monsters still at large?

I'm with Solveiga -- and the old man is just the wicked the Old Man we all have and which we all must put down to before we fully belong to the community Mankind.

Or was "oldman" being cosmically sarcastic -- in which case for me it "worked."

Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington

----- Original Message -----
From: "solveiga k"
Sent: Wednesday, March 31, 2004 8:30 AM
Subject: Re: [Antiwar com] .Do they matter?

> Will the death by bomb or other violence of "the old
> man" twenty years before the time appointed by God or
> nature or fate or what-will-you matter? No, except to
> the old man and maybe his family. Likewise for all
> those others. Each one matters enormously.

> --- theoldman wrote:
> > Will all the dead peoples matter twenty or say
> > thirty years from now?
> >
> > I think not.
> >
> > What loss to the world of an Arab or Baltic
> > cultural past of silly
> > ethnicity by living within artificial borders?
> > They will be all the
> > same and need to act together in order to survive in
> > that world of
> > teamwork, teamwork, teamwork and strife will be
> > eliminated.
> >
> > Will it matter to those who knew them? Very little!
> > A private grief
> > known only to themselves and not cared or wanting to
> > be shared by
> > anyone else.
> >
> > The dead in the Balkans are just as dead as those
> > who die daily in
> > the Palestine areas, and within a span of at the
> > most 20 years the
> > matter will be setled with lesser of the cultures
> > subdued and dying
> > conformed and uniformed into oblivion.
> >
> > The dead in Iraq of today will be forgotten except
> > for those killed
> > by men in the present/ past as the then current
> > populace goes about
> > its daily living needs.
> >
> > The comfortable protestors of today will in all
> > likelihood be
> > looking for smokers and any other socially taboo
> > practioners to turn
> > in for a reward as their civic duty demands.
> >
> > Leading protest for more heating oil in the winters
> > and more
> > medicines when they are ill the 20 years older will
> > still think they
> > are geting ahead and making a difference in the
> > world,until they too
> > are dead and no more.
> >
> > If they have conformed well enough the passing of
> > years will allow
> > them a comfortable apartment or small home with a
> > good socially
> > acceptable mind numbing work of art book to
> > read.Within the home they
> > may have a pet or whatever the local ordinace allows
> > and if lucky to
> > accompany them their 3rd, 4th mate or maybe just a
> > friend to talk too.
> >
> > They will have a good life doing nothing, knowing
> > nothing, but a good
> > life none the less.Boring and stasis is their
> > lot.Comfortable yet in
> > their declining years if they conformed well enough
> > to be able to
> > break the monotony of daily nothingness by going
> > somewhere to be
> > amoung the other nothings.Free to do nothing and
> > liberty to maybe
> > smoke a bowl or drink the allowable limit of
> > approved wines or
> > liquors and argue on the merits of arguing how many
> > angels fit on
> > the angles of a pinhead. Or is it the head of a pin?
> >
> >
> > The democratic election for local street moderator
> > will be hotly
> > contested during the global warmed days of summer
> > and an especailly
> > important ballot issue will be on wether 80 years
> > old is too old to
> > wait before enforced euthansia is administered with
> > the most popular
> > choices being presented as 78 or 79, choose one of
> > the above, being
> > presented.Another issue is wether the amount of
> > unemployed benefits
> > along with social security should be cut 10% or 20%,
> > choose one of
> > the above.
> >
> > The Democratic Government must have at least a
> > mandatory 95% of
> > populace voting before an issue will be
> > counted,unless it is during a
> > National Emergency which everyone can understand the
> > need for of
> > course.
> >
> > Rumors of yet another terrorist act perpetrated by
> > some evil
> > religious bigot in some far remote reaches who may
> > have friends near
> > them will call for ever more vigilance on their part
> > and even tho it
> > causes delays in transportation and production
> > schedules the
> > populace should just leave earlier in order to get
> > to work on
> > time.The unemployed volunteers who do community work
> > will ensure your
> > homes are safe while you are away.
> >
> > No , todays dead will not matter in those times for
> > they who live
> > in the comfortable nothingness of their peace.
> >
> >


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